Quotation Generation Backend

Quotation Generation Backend

Quotation Generation Backend is complete backend website for creating and managing quotations including sending quotations by email to your customer with just few clicks.

Customer management is very easy. You can add your customer or you can import using excel file.

You can add your product or you can import product using excel.

Generation of new quotation requires only 4 steps.
Step 1: Select Customer,
Step 2: Add multiple products (Here product price will be automatically fetch, but you can change it if you wish)
Step 3: Select Tax and other charges if requires
Step 4: Click on review and generate.

Now next step is you want to send quotation to your customer by email in pdf format. If Yes, When you are at the stage of review quotation you can select option to send quotation by email, By default customer email address will be displayed, you can change it or can add more email address. Here we can generate custom PDF for you as per your requirements. Currently we have setup general quotation format where you can set your header image, but this options can be changed as per request. For more details please contact us.

Once your quotation is ready you can send SMS Alert to your customer that you have sent quotation to them and ask them to review and reply back as early as possible. Here you can customized sms message as per your requirements. SMS is the best way to give alert and get quick response. SMS Gateway charges will be applicable. Approx 0.12 - 0.15 Rs. per sms cost.

Once you sent quotation to your customer, You are looking for the confirmation from client/customer. We have already added tracking code so when your client opens email you can view counting that how many times your client has read your email. Accordingly you can find interest of your client for your product.

You can generate email again with one click for followup. This stage is complete automatic you need to goto quotation and click on resend email. System will generate pdf again and will send email to customer.

If you/your representative has called customer for seeking status of quotation. You may have received some reply from customer/client that please call again on some date or please revised quotation with some amount. You can add this followup comments along with date for easy tracking.

Quotation Generation Backend Functionality

Quotation Generation backend is complete tool to create,send,review, followup quotations.

Customer Import via Excel
Product Import via Excel
Generate Quotation in 4 Easy Step
Send Quotation by Email in PDF
Send Quotation Alert by SMS
Review How many times Quotation Email is opened by customer.
1 Click ReSend Quotation
Followup with remarks
Custom PDF as per your requirements

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