Service Management Backend

Service Management Backend

Service Management Backend is suitable for Delaer who is providing service to their clients like Computer Hardware dealer or any kind of dealer who is dealing with service sector.

Service is the best way to increase customers. We have developed system which can help you to manage your AMC or services efficiently. Service comes into picture when you sale product to your customer or when you agree to provide some AMC/Service to your customer for some period of time.

Manage Service/AMC easily with all kinds of reminder like service expiry and other.

When your customer call you for filing complain you need to check with your records that customer has buy any service or not. If customer has purchased AMC/Service from your end then Complain can be resolved free else paid. System will alert regarding same.

Tracking of software sales by your company. For example you have sold 100 licence software to your customer, If you know expiry date and alert your customer before a month, customer can buy your software again. Our system provides all kind of alert related to sales.

What higher management want? Reports? We have many built in reports like list of complain, AMC about to end, Software about to expiry and more

Service Management Backend Functionality

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List of Service/AMC with Status
List of Complains with Status
List of Software Sales with Status
Report - Service about to expire
Report - Software about to expire

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