Android Application Development Services

Android is a mobile operating system developed largely by Google and available for free for developers all over the world. Application developers can use various tools to develop variety of applications that can run on android platform. Android mobile applications offer unique set of benefits when compared with iOS applications. Following are some points on how an android application can help your business.


  • Android is free. Google has put android source code in open source domain. It means that anyone can download source code of android system and can modify it as per their requirements. As it is open source, it has large developer community. This community supports in developing applications and great new features for the core operating system.


  • As an open source system, android has large developer community that constantly hunts for bugs in code and various security risks associated with software. Once a risk is identified, it is patched by release of a software update.

Wide Reach

  • According to a report android system and its variations owns 84% market of mobile operating systems. This is largely due to android being free operating system with regular update and superior security combined with great customizability.

Ease of Use

  • Android is easy to use. There is a large user and developer community of android that can guide and assist new user in overcoming any problems that new user may come across during his/her usage of android.


  • Android is highly customizable operating system. This fact is evident from wide variety of applications available ranging from themes to launchers on Google play store.

We, at the Arth technology have wide experience in developing android applications. We have more than 25 android applications on Google’s Play store. Android application development at Arth technology gives you following benefits:

  • Easy to Generate your contact list and grow more
  • Your presence on Android Platform
  • Photo Gallery
  • Inquiry Form
  • Interactive Notification about Events/Package/News