Inquiry Management Software

Inquiry Management Software is must for each organization, Who gets a daily inquiry, Does follow-up, send quotation and more. There are two possible ways to manage sales inquiry of your business.
1. Manage inquiry using Excel kind of software.
2. Use Dynamic software to properly manage inquiry.

"Every Inquiry Counts"

Inquiry Management for Small Organization

If you are getting very less inquiry in a day, You can easily manage your inquiry using Excel kind of software. You need to create one excel sheet with inquiry status and follow-up date. Once an inquiry is closed you can update status of that row or can delete that data from excel.

Inquiry Management Software

Inquiry Management for Medium Organization

If you are getting a frequent inquiry for your business, You need to each sales inquiry with care. Make sure to satisfy each customer. We suggest you purchase inquiry management software or CRM software which can help you to manage your day to day inquiry. Benefits of software will be easy to take follow-up of your inquiry, Email and SMS can be integrated into the software so you can alert your customer on every action, and much more.

"Every Efforts Counts"

Inquiry Management for Large Organization

In a large organization, there will be multiple branches of the organization, each branch is getting a daily inquiry and there are multiple staff members who are looking after each inquiry. Here you need customized inquiry management or customized CRM software to track each inquiry. This kind of software can manage your inquiry easily along with many in-depth reports like category wise inquiry, product wise inquiry, branch wise inquiry, staff-wise inquiry and more.

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