Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Software is essentials for business who has a marketing team. Marketing is a must for each business to get new business, Yes marketing strategy will be different for business to business. Let's talk about Best Marketing automation software functionality.

7 Most Important functionality for Aarketing Automation Software

Additional Optional Functionality:

Easy Lead Management:

Lead is most important for business, In other words, we can say Inquiry from your prospect. During the lead time, you need to collect as much information as you can. The best way to help your customer is to provide a cost-effective solution.

Update Lead Status:

Updating lead status after each communication. Keep updating your team with the latest updated status of Lead. Sales Manager can able to view updated status and can act as per activity. Lead Management software should provide 1 click lead status change functionality.

Lead Follow-up:

Follow-up for each lead is a must for every sale person. Automated software should suggest lead follow-up as per the time schedule. On time follow-up will increase the chance to close a deal.

Quotation Preparation:

Once Lead requirement is confirmed, You need to share a quotation with your customer. Make sure to add product along with price so the sales team can generate quotation with 1 click. Normally quotation preparation is a bit lengthy process and hence many people try to send quotation with one/two line description along with the price.

Quotation Must have:

Make sure:

Generally, This kind of questions will arise in your business:

Send Quotation by Email, SMS

Email and SMS are a must for each business. Make sure to send a notification to your customer on each activity you perform. Your customer will repeat purchase only if they are satisfied. Make sure to communicate via email and SMS Regularly.

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