Online Shopping Android Application

Online Shopping Android Application

Online Shopping Android Application is must for each business to grow customer base and earn more money. We are providing complete customized online shopping solutions suitable for small and medium scale business. The unique feature of online shopping Android Application is its fully managed by admin website along with list of features at very reasonable cost.

We are providing two solutions for business:

  • Solution 1: Admin can add categories and product and customer can buy.
  • Solution 2: Admin manages payments. Vendor adds products and payment goes to admin, Later on admin will pay to vendor after deduction of commission.

Bundle of 3 in 1

Features of User Android Application

List of Products
Selection of products to cart
Cart Management and checkout
Check out using Cash on Hand or Online Payment
History of previous orders
User Review for Item
Filter product by many criteria

Features of Vendor Websites

Management of Items
Management of Orders
Self Earning Reports

Features of Admin Websites

Management of customer data
Management of vendor data
Management of categories
Management of Items
Order Management
Management of banner images
Management of email configurations for email
Management of mobile configurations for sms
Email Templates (Welcome email, order email, etc)
Plan management (for vendor commission)
Vendor According management (vendor earning and payments)
User Review
Earning Reports
Vendor wise earning reports
Security Logs