Task Allocation Android Application

Task Allocation Android Application

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Task Allocation Android Application is designed to manage day to day task easily. Assigning task is day do day activity for all higher authorities. Higher authorities are not able to get upto date information about task completed by their employee and list of pending task. Another important point everyday Higher authorities need to give reminder to their employee about pending task. To solve all problems we are presenting Task Allocation Android App. You will get 1. Staff/Employee Android App. 2. Admin/Higher Authorities Android App and 3. Admin/Higher Authorities Website. For detail functionality please read article and check out our Live Demo.

Now admin can easily allocate task to any employee even when on travelling! Admin App is built with fully functional facilty to create new task and allocate to employee.

Whether your organization is small or big, We have very easy staff management functionality with easy to import staff data using excel file.

Task allocation can be done individual or in group. You can allocate task to one employee or you can allocate task to multiple employee as per your requirements.

What higher management want? Reports? We have many built in reports like list of task, list of completed task, list of pending task, employee wise task report and more

Bundle of 3 in 1

User Application Functionality

Task Allocation Android app user application is built in such a way that your staff can easily learn the start using an application in just 1 day. User application includes List of pending task and list of completed task of staff. List of contacts and profile management.

List of Pending Task
List of Completed Task
Update Status of Pending Task and Convert to Complete
Access Frequent Contacts
Receive Notification on Task Allocation

Admin Application Functionality

Task Allocation Android App admin application is built for easy creation of new task along with allocation to staff members. Admin can use this android apps while travelling.

Create Task
Assign Task to Staff
Check Pending Task
Check Completed Task

Admin Website Functionality

Admin Panel is the website which can be used to manage everything including staff management, task management, contact management and reports. its full feature website having unique functionality with easy to use interface.

Staff Management (add/edit/delete export/import)
Task Management (add/edit/delete)
Task Assignment to Staff
Frequent Call Contact Management (Like electrician, plumber, technician, etc)
Staff wise task detail reports
Date wise task report
Display Task List in Calendar
Staff Details
Pending Task List
Realtime search of task by title, detail, staff name, etc.
Easy to export task details to Excel