What Is Custom Software?

What Is Custom Software?

Custom software means software developed as per your requirements. For example, you have purchased a new office now you want to develop furniture for your office as per your requirements. Custom software will be the same as this. Software which is developed only for your requirements is known as custom.

Custom Software Examples

We have developed many custom software as per the requirements of our clients. Here is a few custom software for your reference.

Advantages of Custom Software

The software which is developed as per your business requirements, Will surely help to grow your business. If you purchased any ready software it will work as per someone else's requirements, and you and your team will waste more time. Here is the advantages:

Disadvantages of Custom Software

Generally, there are no disadvantages of custom software, But a few minor points are there:

Custom Software Support

Support in custom software is a must after sales. Make sure to select it company which provides the best support after sales with reasonable charges. As it is not ready software so software is developed as per the skills of its company staff. Make sure to select stable It company for developing custom software. We provide 6 Month FREE support after each custom software.

How much does custom software cost?

Initially, custom software will cost a bit higher then read software, But if you considered for a long time, It will be cost-effective solutions for your business.

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