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Join World Class WordPress Training in Vadodara, Gujarat, India

WordPress Training in Vadodara

Welcome to the WordPress Training Institute, Arth Technology from Vadoara, Gujarat, India. Learn WordPress from Zero to Hero! Let's Start WordPress Learning from HTML website to advanced WordPress website like shoping cart.

Introduction to Website, PHP, MySql

In this section we will explain what's difference between software and website along with explanation why to choose PHP for website development.

Installation and configuration of XAMPP/WAMP Server

Server Installation configuration you must learn else you will be in trouble at any point of time. We covers all aspects of xampp server settings and wamp server settings along with different environment like windows/linux.

Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is number of platform to develop website without knowing any programming language. WordPress is suitable for beginners,intermediate or advance users. Anyone can develop website using WordPress in just few hours. Here we will explain the complete WordPress in details.

Installation of WordPress

Installtion of WordPress is the first step to star development. Here we will cover the step by step guide for the installation of WordPress in many different environments like localhost and live server. We will also explain the same demo on different software like xampp, wamp, etc


Sometimes you want to move wordpress website from one website to another website, you need to setup configuration like username, password, database name etc. We will cover all aspects of configuration including reseting password of wordpress admin if you forgot one.


WordPress Components includes information about the Post, Pages, Plugins, Themes, Settings and everthing.

Introduction to WordPress Themes

To start development of any website first step is to select themes, you can select themes from 1 Lack+ available themes according to your requirements. We will cover the instllation and configuration of wordpress themes with step by step.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins gives boost your wordpress website or blog. You can improve your blog by just selecting right plugin. We are covering around 20+ plugins in this training sessions.

WordPress Vs. Others

Before starting with WordPress you should know the similar tool availalble in the market for website development. Blogger is also available for website/blog development and there are many other tools available similar to wordpress. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using these tools.

Basic SEO

SEO is the method to promote your website to the world! There is not need to pay exact for SEO. We are already explaining SEO step by step guide for each website.

Introduction to Backup/Restore

Every website now a days needs sms, email,payment and much more advance functionality. Here we explains all functionality with real life implementation.

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9 Unique Features of Wordpress Training

What is Website

WordPress V/s Other

When to use WordPress

Installation and Configuration of WordPress

Theme Integration

Theme Configuration

WordPress Plugin Instllation and Configuration

WordPress Site Title and Color Settings

WordPress Backup and Restore

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WordPress Training Reviews

  • Good opportunity for those who want to learn new things and increase their knowledge, workshops and training at this place are a good source .Great source of learning.Great job

    Prutha Godbole


  • I really don't know about resume and related to interview questions and all but at today's workshop I get many more things and its really change to life. Thanking you.

    Dhruva Patel

    Android Developer

  • Its amazing workshop experience, I learn how to create unique resume

    Nikunj Shingala

    MCA Student

  • It's an honer to attend this seminar. Very useful, very easy to understand, Very kind & Friendly behaviour

    Amir Khoja

    IELTS Student

  • This(project analysis) workshop it will be very useful in our future's of my turn

    Ankit Patel

    MCA Student

  • It was wonderful workshop of project analysis. It will useful in future analysis

    chetan kapatel

    MCA Student

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