Automation Software Testing Course : Selenium Webdriver 4 with Java

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Objective of The Course

  • You will have a thorough understanding of Web Automation Frameworks after completing this course.

    Using the Page Object/Factory Model, you will be able to EXPLAIN, DESIGN, and IMPLEMENT structured automation frameworks.

    Comprehensive knowledge of Selenium WebDriver challenges with examples from real-world situations


    To assist you with questions within 24 hours, resume preparation, and interview questions, we have 10 devoted instructors.

    Using SELENIUM GRID, you may carry out CROSS-BROWSER testing.

    Using the greatest sophisticated reporting tool, you'll be able to produce GREAT-LOOKING REPORTS.

    You will be fully knowledgeable about the TestNG Framework. Using MAVEN, your mastery of build management will be superb.

    You ought to be able to manage any Selenium Automation Project on your own, starting from beginning.

    You will comprehend behavior-driven testing using the CUCUMBER and Gherkin languages.

    You'll have the ability to comprehend and create effective testing code.

    You'll be able to automate any web application with the necessary skills.

    With the application's GUI, you ought to be able to check the application's Data Integrity.

    Additional expertise with automating Selenium WebDriver performance tests

    With all of this knowledge, you ought to be able to breeze through Selenium Automation interviews.

Details of Software Testing Training Courses

This Specialization Automatic Software testing course is designed for starting to intermediate software engineers who want to advance their knowledge and abilities in integrating software testing tools and methodologies into the creation of their projects. Black-box and white-box testing, automated testing,mobile testing, and formal testing theory and procedures are all topics you'll learn about over four courses, preparing you to organise and carry out successful software testing.

The students will construct test suites, test plans, and test analysis reports. In order to assist the creation of automated tests, students will construct attributes and assertions in code. In order to enable formal proofs of correctness, learners will also develop pre-conditions for methods.

When you are planning to start with a selenium certification course in Vadodara then first you must take training about manual software testing. As you know manual software testing course is a fundamental course for beginners who want to start with a job. Our certification course and training are available Online + Offline at Vadodara Location near by Vrundavan Circle, Waghodia Road, Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Selenium learning program starts with the basics of Java Programming with practical approaches. We also help students quickly start with automation testing using Python. For the Selenium course, we start with driver installation and framework setup including basic programming in our both Online Training and Offline Training at the Vadodara location. Selenium certification training can help you to get your dream job in Vadodara or any nearby city. Our certification course is designed especially with step by step practical approach to getting a job easily after completion of training.

  • Best Software Testing Offline Training Course with Certificate and 100% Placements From Vadodara
  • Guaranteed Placement Assistance.
Automation Software Testing Training Course With Certification in Vadodara

Syllabus of Automation Software Testing Training Offline Courses

  • Selenium Introduction
  • Setup & Installations of The Required Tools & Plugins
  • Java Concepts - Data Types
  • Classes & Methods -> object oriented concepts
  • Getters & Setters
  • Indepth Java For Beginners
  • Selenium WebDriver - setup
  • Selenium WebDriver - Running Tests on Various Browsers
  • Element inspect Browser Tools
  • Multiple Ways To Locate Elements
  • CSS Selectors - Advanced Locators
  • Xpath - Advanced Locators
  • Selenium WebDriver - Working with Web Elements
  • Working with Profiles & Options
  • Selenium WebDriver -> Useful Methods And Properties
  • Selenium WebDriver -> Wait Types - Handling Sychronization Issues
  • Selenium WebDriver -> Advanced Intractions
  • Selenium WebDriver -> JavaScript Execution
  • Selenium WebDriver -> Switch Window And IFrames
  • Selenium WebDriver -> Working With Actions Class
  • Selenium WebDriver - Key Press Events
  • Popular Interview Questions - Selenium WebDriver Exceptions
  • Automation Framework
  • Logging Infrastructure - Using Log4j2
  • TestNG -> Annotations And Asserts
  • TestNG -> Advanced Features
  • TestNG -> Parameters And Parallel
  • TestNG -> Parameters And Parallel - Practice Exercise
  • TestNG -> DataProviders
  • TestNG - ITestResult
  • TestNG -> Listeners
  • TestNG -> Reporter Logs and HTML Reports
  • Extent Reports -> Advanced Reporting
  • Selenium WebDriver-> Data Driven Testing
  • Selenium WebDriver-> File Upload And Windows
  • Authentication
  • WebDriver Event Listener
  • Cross-Browser Testing Using Selenium Grid 2.0
  • Build Management With Maven
  • Git And GitHub - Version Control System
  • Continuous Integration With Jenkins
  • Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions - Real Time
  • TestNG-> Reporter Logs and HTML Reports
  • Extent Reports-> Advanced Reporting
  • TestNG Framework-Obsolete
  • Database Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Behavior Driven Development Using Cucumber
  • Sauce Labs Integration
  • Selenium IDE/WebDriver-> Basics
  • Conditional Statements and Loops
  • Static Keyword
  • Practice Exercise With Solution + Interview Question
  • Java Concepts-Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Exception Handling
  • Java Advanced-Collections Framework
  • Conclusion
Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials for Software Testing Offline Training Courses

Automation Software Testing Course(Training) Fees

The Automation Software Testing Training Course fees are starting from Rs. 5,000/- and vary up to Rs. 20,000/- according to personal training, group training, offline course, placement laid training, live project-based training, and many more.

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Best Automation Software Testing Traning Course in Vadodara
Automation Software Testing training With Certificate And 100% Placements

Automation Software Testing Interview Questions

- A software testing technique called automation testing involves using a tool or framework to programmatically run the tests rather than manually going through and running each test case one at a time.

-Saving time, effort, and money on repeating tests that don't change very often is the main objective of automated testing.

-When teams and organizations automate their testing processes, the need for human intervention decreases, resulting in increased speed, reliability, and efficiency. Additionally, it facilitates rapid iteration because coders receive prompt feedback.

- There are numerous testing methodologies, but not all of them can be automated. Take exploratory testing as an example. These automated testing methods are listed below.

-Unit tests: Created by software developers, these tests examine a single piece of code.

-Integration tests: These evaluate the interoperability of various software components.

-Regression tests: It should be performed to ensure that no functionality was broken by the new code.

-Performance tests: Make sure the programme won't crash and operates properly under pressure or harsh conditions.

-UI tests: Verify that the software employs a consistent user experience and that none of the screen's visual or graphical elements are malfunctioning.

Under the following circumstances, a test is a strong candidate for automation.

- The test can be repeated.

- The tested feature doesn't commonly alter its behaviour.

- It takes a lot of time for a human tester.

- There are challenging computations throughout the test.

- The test makes sure that following a new change, the existing functionality didn't stop working.

Despite the benefits, it is not a good idea to automate all of your testing. In the following situations, a human tester would be significantly more effective at testing the programme than an automated test suite.

- The piece of software or feature being tested is always evolving. It implies that you must frequently update your automated tests to keep them current. Tests are subject to rapid obsolescence and loss of usefulness.

- Exploratory testing is not a good fit for automated testing. A human tester is significantly more capable of exploring the software than a computer is.

- The automated tests cannot detect any UI flaws unless they are configured or programmed to do so. A human tester will be considerably more effective at finding any UI flaws or design problems.

FAQ's :

No. You dont needto know anything, the software testing training course would cover everything from scratch.

No. You need to pay the decided fees first.

Yes, you learn and apply your knowledge on the live softwares and applications.

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