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"Are you finding the best mobile app development company? Searching for the top mobile app development company? You are at right place. Over 500+ mobile applications running on Android and iOS have been entirely designed and created by us. Would you like a free quote?"

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Arth handles the complete business mobile app development cycle, from concept to application creation, regardless of how varied or complex your needs are. We are able to match your needs because of our team of professionals, who have years of experience in the product engineering and global app solution services sectors.

Our Mobile App Development Company in Vadodara can help you create a custom android app & iOS app that meets the needs of your business by bridging gap between your clients and the services you provide. We Arth Technology can help you in design and development of an mobile app that is easy to use and provides a valuable experience for your customers. Till now we have done many ios app development in vadodara, cross-platform app development company vadodara, startup app development, home service app development and many more.

If company provide specific applications to its users, customers or clients to pitch their services, offerings, products, solutions to the customers queries regarding product or services then their is huge possibilities in increasing sales graph. All these are possible if you developed a mobile app from company like Arth Android & iOS App Development Company in Vadodara.

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Ios App Development Company
iOS App Development

We have created over 100 iOS apps across a variety of genres, so we are aware of what it takes to create a flawless iPhone application. We are aware of what is needed to transform an embryonic app idea into a successful iphone app development.

iPad App Development Company
iPad App Development

Our top app developers create the greatest iPad apps that offer value to your company and the lives of your consumers using their in-depth knowledge and experience of native iPad app development services.

Android App Development Company
Android App Development

For more than 500 businesses, our full-stack Android developers create effective Android apps using the most recent technology and industry experience. Our 200+ mobile applications are available on Google Play.

Cross-Platform App Development
Cross-Platform App Development

The construction of software applications that are compatible with many mobile operating systems is known as cross-platform mobile development. We in depth knowledge in building cross-platform application.

Web App Development
Web App Development

Have a concept for a unique web application? With years of experience, Arth Technology's mobile web app development team is committed to producing user-friendly, engaging mobile websites and apps.

App Development Consulting Service
App Development Consulting

Looking to create a scalable app? Get consulting services for app development that are tailored to your company's objectives and that will help you achieve the highest ROI. Regardless of the intricacy of the app, our consultants create a plan to provide advice that is focused on results.

We Provide Offshore Mobile App Development Service

In every respect, Arth Technology qualifies as a mobile app outsourcing business. For the entire range of corresponding devices, our skilled mobile developers expertly create iOS and Android apps. We may thus take over as your lone provider of both web-enabled and mobile custom software, saving you the headache of coordinating with many providers.

Since the start of our company almost six years ago, Arth Technology has been working on offshore mobile app development. We have a number of top-tier iOS and Android developers on staff, ranging in age from 3 to 6 years. During their time with Arth Technology, they successfully developed more than 20 mobile projects for clients in North America, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, India and Abu Dhabi including the mobile versions of a number of incredibly sophisticated solutions for the Warehousing, Retail, Fast Food, and other verticals.

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Benefits of Mobile App?

Arth Technology Develops Many Types Of Mobile Apps

eCommerce App Developed Company

This APP is for the customers/ users to order products from his mobile application for example apps like amazon. Online payment integration was also available, with live tracking of your order. Custom requirements can also be fulfilled here.

Product Delivery Mobile App Development
App for Delivery Boy

This application is for the delivery staff of the company, where he gets lists of all details of the orders, clients delivery address, complete / pending details, selected payment mode details, etc. Once an order gets delivered staff updates that in the application which is seen.

eCommerce Vendor’s App

This application lists vendors their products, order details, delivery schedule, taking of orders and delivered to the customer, payment details, commission details all are maintained digitally through one mobile application where you can get notification of each process and stuff.

Telecaller App

This application is for outbound calling where you can have lists of the customers. You can send a lot of these lists to your staff and get the details of each customer in the app itself. Here you can manage your staff, allocate them work and also keep track of the assigned work.

Complaint Management Software With App

This mobile application is for Customer complaint management and their solutions. If customers have some doubts and issues with product, company service, or anything in which customers need a solution from the company. Here all data regarding complaints, its pending or fulfilled status, customers reviews all are maintained here. Along with company staff details you handle that complaint.

Education CRM Software

This mobile app is for educational purposes where the person can upload educational stuff, design tests, assignments, store students data and their activities. Students can make their account and can access the courses in it. Gives tests and assignments and also asks their doubts in it.

Complaint Management System

CRM Means Customer relationship management. CRM applications are used by many companies and giant organisations to maintain relationships with potential customers. CRM enables businesses to develop client relationships, boost sales, enhance customer service, and boost profitability.

Manufacturing ERP Modules

ERP, which stands for "Enterprise Resource Management," is an abbreviation for the streamlined procedure of compiling and arranging corporate data using an integrated software suite. Applications that automate business processes including production, sales quoting, accounting, and more are found in ERP software.

ERP for Manufacturing Industry
Productivity App For Students

A mobile productivity app is a piece of software that enables users of smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology to carry out necessary daily chores. Here users keep track of their activities and also get guidance from the experts. By using such applications users make their routine productive with real time facts and figures.

Social Medial App
Messenger App

This application is basically for chatting and sending messages like whatsapp. Here other custom things like video uploading, images sharing, other custom stuff according to the clients needs can be developed.

Education CRM Software
Idea to Implementation

We are striving for excellence and implementing ideas into an application is our passion. Arth has an expert team of developers and have experience in developing websites, applications for over 15 years. Till now we have developed 500+ mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

Real Estate CRM Software

Mobile applications for maintaining all sorts of work like accounting, sales, customers details, real estate property details, employees/ workers details and management, commercial sites details and working process management, etc can be done through this app.

Field Service Engineer App

Through this application, the admin person can keep track of all service engineers, their working status. Also, the admin is able to allocate the work through this app. Custom requirements can be added as per clients need while developing mobile applications.

Employee Task Management system

Task management apps are used to manage tasks of any module, whole organisation, enterprise, small businesses, products based / service based companies, etc. Here dividing tasks among employees, their work done, etc can be managed easily using this app. Apps can be made for both android and ios if required.

App Development Company in Vadodara
Customised App Development

Any unique ideas, concepts, dreams can be transformed into a mobile application. The construction of software applications for users within a company to meet particular business needs is known as custom app development. Instead of using more traditional and standard software, you should design and construct your own unique app to meet specific needs.

Tools and Technology We Use For Mobile APP Development in Vadodara













React Native

React Native

Application programming interface


Android App Development


Kotlin Training


Database Design Training


Android App Training




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Image & Video
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What is Mobile Application? The Power of Android App in Business Growth?

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile apps can be developed for both Android and iOS phones and tablets. Consumers, employees, and vendors can target apps for use.

Yes, Arth Technology can develop apps that can connect to your existing systems or data store with Application Programming Interface (API). APIs built using any platform can be consumed in App to connect and read/write data from your datastore.

There is a big difference between cross-platform and native app development. With native app development, separate apps are developed for the Android and iOS platforms. With cross-platform development, a single app works on both platforms.

With the growing popularity of both iPhone and latest Android smartphones, we recommend to launch the product in both the platforms.

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