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Task Management Software with Android Application

"Project wise Allocate Task, Review Task, Work Hour Calculation."

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Now Manage your Tasks with easy to use Task Management Software.

    The administration of daily tasks is essential and time-consuming for all corporate organisations. The most successful businesses have switched to task management software with mobile app, which handles all tasks in easy way. The idea is straight forward here, but the entire process of delegating tasks to personnel and monitoring their fulfilment with feedback benefits the company's growth. expansion. One of the greatest meeting tracking programmes is this one. When you want to manage a project from multiple perspectives and you have teams, you should plan tools like team task tool, which can track users as they complete daily tasks using Task Management Software, mobile software for Android and iOS, and software that can help your management make decisions quickly.

    Our software is the best software for tracking user projects and tasks done by team members. Our system gives various types of view for users, projects, and tasks. You can review users tasks using a calendar, and check the available time, and workflows management including to-do lists. Even you can create subtasks based on user requirements and timelines reviews.

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Repeat reminders to an employee about pending task
Staff wise task done - daily, weekly, monthly
Staff will not take responsibility for pending task

Benefits of Task Management Software with Android Application

Features of Task Management Software with Android Application

  • Website Interface for:
  • Admin
  • Staff
  • Businessmen
  • Android App for:
  • Admin
  • Staff
  • Businessmen
  • User Management
  • Staff User Management
  • Businessmen User Management
  • Businessmen User Management
  • Admin User Management
  • Project Management
  • Project Add
  • Project Edit
  • Project Delete
  • Leave Management
  • Staff can request for Leave
  • Admin can approve/reject leave
  • Task Management
  • Task Entry
  • Task Import via Excel File
  • Task Allocation to Staff
  • Admin can Allocation New tasks to Staff easily
  • Admin can Schedule Task for Future Date
  • Staff can Start Task
  • Staff can Hold Task
  • Staff can Complete Task
  • Staff can Shift Tasks to Other Staff Members
  • Live Reports
  • Admin can view Project wise Time taken
  • Admin can View Staff wise Completed Task
  • Staff need to Fillup the Daily Reporting Form
  • Admin can view Staff wise Progress (Reporting)
  • Staff daily working tasks and time duration report
  • - Businessmen Panel
  • Businessmen Can log in and Add their Query/Task
  • Businessmen can view only project which is allocated by the admin
  • Businessmen can view their completed tasks
  • Other
  • Emergency Contact Number Management (Display to Staff)
  • Staff Attendance Generation Automatic

Small organisations want to be able to manage their projects effectively, assign tasks to people appropriately, plan project functionality, and finish projects on schedule with the greatest possible product. Due to the fact that small businesses are constrained by the cost of tool purchases, we have created our tools in a way that makes it simple for small businesses to acquire project management solutions for both their internal teams and external teams. What distinguishes our project management tools? The best features are charts, email reporting that is sent automatically, and simple project plan processing for single or numerous people. This is one of the top internal project management tools for small firms, according to our users. So why are you still waiting? Get a free demo and activate your trial edition to let your users try out a project management solution. By using this project management application, your users will unquestionably save time, and after using it, you will save money by completing projects on schedule. For this project management tool, we have a variety of plans, including ready-to-use software, a personalised project manager, cloud-based project tools, and more.

To improve productivity you can use e-tasks and to-do managers with a personal calendar. Organizing a to-do list based on available sites and other related options is easy by learning about existing to-do lists. Google and Microsoft both provide easy-to-use task management app tools to increase the productivity of their users. Using such tools life becomes easy for most the businessmen.

Process of Task Management Software with Android Application

Task Entry with Specification Using Admin Panel And Application
1. Task Entry with Specification

Customer can directory do task entry or it may be as per company process.

Task Allocation With Task Management Software
2. Allocation to Team

Task is allocated to particular team member with priority and deadline.

Task Tracking App with Software
3. Task Completion By Team Member

Employee has android app and web base application input task completion details.

Feedback By Team Head
4. Feedback By Team Head

Team management can review the complete task and give feedback acc.

Real Time Report In Admin Panel and Application
5. Tons of Detail Reports

Tons of reports with excel export and detail charts for better decision taking.

Growth Business With Task Management System
6. Business Growth to Next Level

Time management with task management always helps business to grow.

What You Will Get.

Task Management Software With Admin Panel
Admin - Admin Panel
Task Management Software With Android Application
Admin - Android Application

Task Management Software With IOS Application
Admin - iOS Application (upon Request)
Task Allocation to Service Engineer With Software
Staff - Webbased Panel

Task Management System
Staff - Android Application

Fffice Task Management Software
Staff - iOS Application (upon Request)

Task Management System in Vadodara
Businessmen - Webbased Panel

Task Management Software with Android Application
Businessmen - Android Application
Task Manage Software with IOS Application
Businessmen - iOS Application (upon Request)

Important Modules Of Task Management Software

Employee Task Management App
Staff Management

We can manage staff/ employees details by keeping track of work done by them, working hours, submissions, leaves, etc on the system.

Project Management in Task Management Software
Project Management

Project analysis, planning, allocating work to the staff, its progress, pending status, follow-ups etc was done by the system.

Task Management Software in Baroda
Task Management

We can also get valuable insights on the individual tasks handled by the team and keep track of its progress.

Leave Management In Task Management Software
Leave Management

Employees' working status along with leaves taken by them was recorded on the database.

Realtime Report With Task Management Software
Live Reports

Using the system we easily generate real time reports on projects, tasks, working status, employees, etc. on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Business Task Management Software
Modules for Staff, Admin and Businessmen

Easy navigation to the tasks, Projects, Deadlines, new requirements of clients etc was at one place which makes working easy for the all Staff, Admin person and Businessmen.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your business organization is small one and looking for best way to organize your day to day business operations like communication with staff member regarding resources and schedule plans. Important point for all companies is that staff should see real time notifications and staff working availability should be visible to admin for easy resource planning. Do you want to try software now for free of cost for limited period trial, contact us now. We assure you the software with reasonable pricing based on your required options. We provides flexible message templates to speedup the task allocation to staff members. Smartsheet chart allows admin to compare staff details with different way to get more insight views and overview about the each staff. We send automated email alerts on every Monday about the pending task. If you follow agile method to make your company listed in top organization then choose the customized task management and allocation system. Integrations with ClickUp, asana, hitask, Trello,slack ,Microsoft products, Wrike, meistertask is also possible.Advanced Task Manager is another one of the more popular task management apps. It is evolved into a phone booster. That is not the best news because booster apps don’t work well. However, this is a task manager that's work on Nougat. That’s fairly rare. You have to use it to kill apps and games, clear out RAM, and a few other things. It has an ignore list for those apps you don’t want to be closed. These are a few that works on newer versions of Android. We wouldn’t recommend you do that, though. It’s still good for older devices as well.

Task Allocation is one of the best software. here is the list of different types of free and paid task management software tools Asana, jeera, pro workflow, clubhouse, and many more. Using task management software, you can use these tools to manage to write tasks and projects to get the best out of your business. using these tools you can manage to write tasks and projects to get the best out of your business.There are four different task management tools or systems: Jira Software, Taimer, Trello, and Asana. Jira is a task management tool for teams and individuals. They have a 7-day trial, at least for the cloud version. The Jira Software also works on the server. The program is flexible Kanban boards to give you and your team full visibility on the task updates and progress. Taimar software is a CRM software that includes the task manager feature as one of its key features. On the other task management platforms, you can use Taimer for invoicing, project management, time tracking, expenses, integrations, and more. Trello software is a free, flexible, and visual way to organize anything by creating and sharing tasks. It’s basically a task management system without any bonus features. using Trello. You can forget continuous emailing, Excel files, and notes. Trello Software is a web-based project and project management app. This Trello collaboration tool helps you organize your project on board. Trello allows you to manage your project from beginning to end. Asana is a work management platform for teams to focused on goals, projects, and tasks. It also offers a free trial, which you can avail of before paying for a premium version. Asana software is an ideal project management software for small teams. This Asana task management software allows you to set priorities and deadlines.

Using the tool track the task progress track teams task project status and add deadline needed distribute work two teams you can keep finding tracking of project one of the base tools is adjusting the works schedule inbuilt chat app Why do you need task management software tools?? your team has multiple works on a day so that's why we can use task management software. in task management software deadline is very important using that tool we get actual report track of every project task. deadline task management tools will improve not only the team's work but also your team's collaborative capability using the tool your team can easily share file feedbacks and ideas to collaborate over the task and get things done quickly. You can ever recurring task for your project. This task-tracking software is great for individuals, though they’ve recently expanded into teams and adapted to small business needs. Additionally, templet and repeat projects help users when they need to do a project repeatedly or stage another event. Online task management software also has powerful filtering options to help you pick out the tasks that need to be completed first. It’s got all the features you need to skyrocket your productivity and manage any task super-smoothly. task management software should be able to offer you easy task planning and scheduling features. There are powerful team collaboration features to keep your distributed team members connected. Last on this list of project management software is Wrike. It’s a popular free task manager and project management system with built-in time tracking features. Whether you’re a small team or an enterprise-level user, Wrike will serve you well.

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