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Now a Days Many Companies Trust CRM software for their internal and external management because of it saves time and money

    Customer Relationship Management Software is the core of any industry, and in today's competitive market, it is the only viable business model. CRM is the finest business option if you want to expand your company using current technology. Our CRM Website making our experience developer team for our customers and provide best experience to setup and their services easily. our website structure is easily understandable and give proper information of end user. CRM software assists your business in day-to-day sales activity with its various features, including lead or enquiry management, quotation management with follow-up reminders, invoice management, etc. For corporate organisations today, every enquiry is extremely essential, and its follow-up is even more crucial. Our CRM service help to customers for data provide to easily. because it handles each enquiry and its follow-up by assigning it to the appropriate staff member and recording Our enquiry system can help organization to manage customer leads and its follow up. CRM Software handles each inquiry and its follow-up by assigning it to the appropriate staff member and recording their feedback. Lead management and Enquiry management System are very much an integral part of CRM software and it Makes Easy Inquiry & Follow-up.

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Difficult to track inquiry
Tedious task to manage manually
Time wastage = money wastage
Difficult to Customer Understanding
Difficult to Sales and Marketing Efforts
Difficult to Efficient Customer Service
Difficult to Capture and store customer interactions

Benefits of CRM Software

Features of CRM Software

  • Masters
  • Product Management
  • Indian CGST, SGST, and IGST settings are available via Item Management
  • Product Import using Excel Possible (AS per our Excel Format)
  • Product with Image Possible
  • Quotation Header Image like Letterpad Settings Available
  • Quotation Footer Image like Letterpad Settings Available
  • Quotation Email Subject Default Settings Available
  • Quotation Email Message Default Settings Available
  • Inquiry Management
  • Inquiry Add
  • Inquiry Import via Excel Possible
  • Fetch Leads from Facebook Leads, Google Leads, etc Possible
  • Inquiry Status Updates
  • Quotation Management
  • WhatsApp
  • Duplicate Quotation Generation with 1 Click
  • Quotation Generation in PDF File
  • 1 Click Send Email to Customer
  • Send Quotation PDF via Email from your Gmail Account
  • Send Quotation PDF via Email from your Webmail Account or GSuite Account
  • Item wise Discount Possible (Discount column will only display when you apply a discount)
  • Inquiry & Quotation Follow-up Management
  • Inquiry Follow-up Management
  • Quotation Follow-up Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Invoice Generation
  • Invoice Edit
  • Receipt Management
  • Payment Entry
  • Payment Reminders
  • Realtime Reports
  • Inquiry Reports
  • Quotation Reports
  • Inquiry Followup Reports
  • Quotation Follow-up Reports
  • Invoice Reports
  • Payment Reminder Reports

With more than 250 CRM products deployed to the market and 100 implementation percentages, we developed CRM. We have created various CRM modules for various industrial categories. We have CRM for ac businesses, generator businesses, manufacturing companies, traders, instrumentation Our experience developer to make CRM System to help end user to easily understand and provide information easily. businesses, CCTV businesses, etc. Inquiry management software is another name for our CRM software. For a new-age business proposition, 90% of sales and marketing operations are important. All small and medium-sized businesses now require digital marketing and SEO since these channels generate leads more affordably and with lower cost per client acquisition.

Digital marketing channels can be integrated with CRM and ERP software. For instance, we could link the website's inquiry page to the CRM inquiry page. Trade India, IndiaMART, Justdial, etc. Through the automation of email, inquiries can be directed toward integration with our CRM or ERP software. Additionally, our CRM and ERP software can be connected with an e-commerce website. We gave the manufactures desk proposal materials to create and plan analytics documents for CRM software. In addition, we manage the data flow from CRM to inventory management software, field sales executive racking mobile apps, maintenance engineers mobile apps, etc. We are aware of the fundamental operation of any CRM: it begins with an inquiry and concludes with a sale and payment collection. With a ready-to-use CRM module that is both affordable and simple to use, we create custom CRM.
We are also Focused in Our other product and website that is also useful to for client or our end-user
1) Task Management Software : The administration of daily tasks is essential and time-consuming for all corporate organizations. The most successful businesses have switched to task management software with mobile app, which handles all tasks in easy way.
2) TeleCalling App : Our TeleCRM Software can help you if all you need is routine inquiry and follow-up management and want to information. Telecalling app, you can create a real call center and make thousands of calls and contact with an unlimited number of agents, customers & for more lead generate.
3) Field Service Software : Field service software, also known as field service management (FSM) software, is a technology solution designed to streamline and automate the management of field service operations. Field Service Software helps organizations efficiently manage their field service technicians, scheduling, dispatching, work orders, inventory, and customer interactions.
4) Best Inventory Management Software : Our Effective Inventory management software systems have an impact on every aspect of a business, from providing sales teams with current product information to equipping you with the insights you need to enhance ineffective business procedures. It integrated to all above software service and manage leads from various sources, assign them to sales and Marketing team to representatives, and track their progress in daily basis.

Process of CRM Software

CRM Software for Real Estate
1. Inquiry From Customer

Inquiry source , hot / warm / cold status inquiry follow-ups reminder.

Telemarketing CRM Software
2. Quotation to Customer

Quotation Generated in PDF With Auto Mail send, Dynamic Formate Layouts.

Best Inquiry and Quotation Software
3. Follow-ups And Reminders

Follow-ups Reminders of inquiry And Quotation, One Click Revised Quotation

Inventory and Sales Management Software
4. Tons of Reports to Increase Profit

Detail Sales Management With Tons of Reports

What You Will Get.

Crm Software With Admin Panel For Admin
Admin Panel for Admin

Crm Software With Android Application
Android Application(upon request)

Crm Software With IOS Application
IOS Application (upon request)

Important Modules Of CRM Software

Inquiry Management Systems
Inquiry Management

We easily manage the inquiries by keeping track of it and taking necessary actions on it.

Inquiry and Quotation Software in Vadodara
Quotation Management

We easily manage quotation send/ pending status based on inquiries and keep track of the whole process.

Quotation Software for Small Business
Inquiry & Quotation Follow-up Management

We get the all data up to the mark on the system by which we can plan for follow-ups of inquiries, pending works, etc.

Invoice and Inventory software
Invoice Management

Invoice generation is one of the important tasks in business and by CRM software this work was done smoothly and precisely.

GST Billing Crm Software
Receipt Management

After payment receipt management was also done with records on system with date and time.

Inventory Management Software with Bill of Materials
Realtime Reports

Using the system we easily generate real time reports on inquiries, invoices, sales, quotation, employees, etc. on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

What is Website? Do You Need Website for Your Business?

Frequently Asked Questions

CRM is Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a software platform that helps businesses foster strong customer relationships and improve sales and retention by having quality conversations with prospects and clients.

The computer software that ensures companies record every transaction and interaction with the present and prospective clients in CRM. Utilized in Front office activities platform. It Focuses on Increasing or creating sales Oriented towards client quoting.

The integrated pre-packaged computer software lets the organization manage and control business processes, going on in the organization. Utilized in Back office activities platform. It Focuses on Reducing costs. Oriented towards Enterprise quoting.

A CRM system can make our team to helps customers and companies stay connected to clients, streamline processes, and improve profitability and help lead generation. CRM is a technology for managing all your company's relationships with customers to interactions(create invoice, quoting, etc..)with clients at one place.

Arth Technology team provides the best-customized CRM for small businesses according to business requirements it provides end to end enquiry at an attractive rate.

A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. CRM is a technology for managing all your company's relationships and interactions(invoice, quoting, etc..). We can create a customized invoice by using the CRM platform. We can also create quotes for inquiries.

The CRM process is a business strategy that helps companies better identify and understand enquiry and their clients . The goal of the CRM process is to improve the company's marketing efforts, product development, product maintenance, and sales in the market platform.

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