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Telecalling Software with Telecaller App for call centers & DSA

"Now manage your Call Center outbound, inbound calls, marketing calls & sms, sales calls, complaint management calling, etc by using Telecalling Software & Telecaller mobile app."

Telecalling App best Substitute to the Manual Calling and leads closing process:

     The best option for a call center or DSA or customer service based company with multiple outbound callers, each focusing on a distinct target, is the Telecaller app. Our Telecalling software is created in a way that allows telecallers/ employees to rapidly grasp it and begun using it. A combination of Staff Android Telecaller App and Telecrm Admin Panel for Admin makes up Telecalling Software. Android sales lead management app makes it simple with help of Telecaller Software. Test out every feature by downloading the app right away. You can also use outbound telemarketing software as a substitute. Our TeleCRM Software can help you if all you need is routine inquiry and follow-up management. One of our systems, a CRM system with telemarketing, is ideal for every sales person seeking a client. With the aid of the Android Telecalling app, you can create a real call center and make thousands of calls with an unlimited number of agents, customers & more. No additional software or app is necessary to establish a call center. You can thrive in your business with the help of our Telecalling app. If you're looking to take your sales to the next level, our CRM system is the way to go.

At the end of the day, our CRM software is all about driving real sales growth for your business. By giving you and your team the tools you need to manage your contacts effectively and work more efficiently, we believe our solution can help your business achieve its sales goals. Thank you for considering our CRM for your business!

We would love to offer you a demo of our CRM platform to show you how it works and answer any questions you may have. Our demo is free and can be scheduled at your convenience. You can also see some real-world examples of how our CRM has helped businesses like yours to grow and succeed.

If you're interested in learning more about our CRM solution, please let me know, contact us and we can arrange a demo for you. Thank you for your time and have a great day!"

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Are you having issues with the existing telecalling app or manual calling?

Difficult to Track Inquiry Status in Excel File
Difficult to Track Inquiry Followup
Daily Calling Details Not available
No idea about Staff wise Calling Details

Benefits of Telecall Management Android Application

Features of Telecall Management Android Application

  • Masters
  • Telecaller
  • WhatsApp Templates Management
  • SMS Templates Management
  • Auto Email Report to Admin Daily
  • TeleCall Staff Management
  • Add New TeleCaller Staff
  • Edit Details
  • Reset Password
  • Unlock to Use in Another Mobile
  • Campaign Management
  • Create Campaign
  • Campaign List
  • Add Single Prospect to Campaign
  • Import Data using Excel
  • Download Sample Excel File
  • Add your Data into Excel File
  • Upload Excel File
  • Select Your TeleCaller to Auto Assign after Upload
  • Call Allocation
  • Upload and allocate data
  • Transfer Campaign Data from One TeleCaller to Another
  • View campaign wise data and details
  • Auto Dial and Status Management
  • Auto Call Dial after 10 Seconds
  • 1 Click to Call from App
  • Send WhatsApp to Prospect with 1 Click
  • Send SMS to Prospect with 1 Click
  • Update Status After each Call
  • Update Status with Remarks
  • Set Inquiry Status to Hot, Cold, Warm
  • Automatic Inquiry Follow-up Schedule
  • Real-time Reports
  • Call Start End Time Details
  • TeleCaller Staff wise Report for Print, Export to Excel, Search
  • Date Range wise Report for Print, Export to Excel, Search
  • Status Wise Report for Print, Export to Excel, Search
  • Other Details
  • IMEI Lock Facility for TeleCall User (So TeleCaller can not change Phone without taking permission from Admin)
  • Call from Your regular SIM Card
  • TeleCall Team Lead Functionality Possible
  • White Label (With Your Company Logo, Name) Possible
  • Integration with 3rd Party App Possible like ZOHO, Facebook Leads, Google Leads, etc.

   In our Calls center CRM software or dialer software for national or international provide service related to telemarketing. In our Sales CRM or lead generation software we take care of privacy of our customers by signing NDA. Our Apps also provides API platforms to integrate any other sales or team management CRM for phone calls or contacts management platform. Our CRM can be integrated with a social platform for inbound calls lead. We provides a complete guide for new users to quickly start with their lead and start making phone calls. Our customer belongs to India, USA, London, Australia, Canada, Dubai, UAE, Singapore, and many others. make phone call features of our call center CRM is very easy for your call center team to generate free lead easily. Start making phone calls now. Take off the burden of your team members by using our features reach Telecalling App software.

1)Easy steps of telecrm software:

-Functionality of using telecalling/ telecrm android application includes login in telecall app, check allocated calls,start autocalling, send sms after call completion, send whatsapp after call completion, and calling statistics updates, and back to new call.

2)Distribute telecalling batabase to team members automatically.

-Admin can easily create campaigns for teams or an agent.Admin Website Functionality like Campaign Management, Staff Management, Blocked Numbers where (add, edit/delete, export/import) was possible, the dashboard provides live results about phone dialing in a recent hour to check performance. Our product can be standalone or cloud-based telemarketing tools. When you want quality results to increase sales through telemarketing tools, we have fully telemarketing systems for powerful results

3)Real-time tracking of Clients/ Employees

-Tracking of each process was simple due to real-time reports like Staff Telecalling Database Distribution Call Statistics, Staff/team-Specific Reports,closing leads reports, calls vs leads reports, daily calling reports, Date-Specific Reports, Real-Time Telephoning Database reports, etc was tracked by the manager or admin person.

4)Modern Automations & Integrations

-Our CRM can be integrated with multiple third-party software suites for easy communication and hassle free process. Modern integration to the telecalling Crm software like send SMS After Call Completion (automic), send WhatsApp message After Call Completion (automic), and Call Statistics real time info. (like follow up details, interested or not interested, closed lead or pending) was possible.

5)Easy management and integration of data in telecaller software database.

-Admins can manage the Telecalling Database and perform (add, edit, remove, export, import) functions, telecalling database export using excel in simple steps, give other staff the pending calls when a staff member leaves an organization, management of remarks templates, SMS templates, status-wise search, and delete and export options.

Who Can Use This Telecalling Software?

Call Centers

Loan agents

Credit card agents


LIC policy       agents

Service selling agents

Products related calls

Health insurance agents

Any company who deals with telemarketing

Sales support engineers

Direct selling agents

Customers complaints solving agents

Process of Andriod Base Telecalling Software

Telecall App For Andriod
1. Upload Data

From Admin Panel upload the data with excel. Many different campaigns can generated.

Telecalling Software With Android App Free Demo
2. Allocate To Teams

From Admin Allocate date to your telecalling team with simple one click integration.

Telecalling Software
3. Calling Starts

Telecaller has their android application from which they will select campaign and call.

Telecalling Software With Android App
4. Feedback of Calls

After every call, telecaller has to give feedback & send WhatsApp/SMS to customer.

Telecalling Software
5. Tons Of Reports

Daily call report, telecaller wise time/ call duration report, campaign wise report.

6. Business Growth

Features & Benefits of Android Base Telecalling System.

What You Will Get.

Call Center Software
Admin Panel for Admin

Telecalling Software and Android App
TeleCaller Android App

Telecalling Software and IOS App
TeleCaller iOS App(upon request)

Important Modules Of Telecalling App Management

Staff Management With Telecalling Software Admin Panel
TeleCall Staff Management

We can manage staff details, keep track of work done by them, working hours, submissions, leaves, etc

Best TeleCalling Software With Andriod Application
Campaign Management

We can manage campaigns related to any products, services, and for company's branding also.

Telecalling App
Import Data using Excel

We can easily import tons of valuable data into the application database through excel.

Calling Software with Android Application
Call Allocation

Admin or in charge person can easily allocate calls to the staff for handling and keep track of work distribution accurately.

TeleCRM Software with Andriod Application
Auto Dial and Status Management

Staff don't need to call manually auto dialing and the status of the inquiry was recorded automatically in the system.

TeleCRM Software
Real-time Reports

Incharge/ admin will get real time reports on monthly inquiries, sales, staff performance, working status, etc.

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