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Empowering Overseas Education Consultants with Arth Technology's Study Abroad CRM

" CRM specially designed for overseas education consultants & study abroad agency to streamline & digitalize the study abroad & immigration process, ielts process management, accounts & doc management, etc."

Simplify the process from international student immigration to enrollment using an Overseas Education CRM designed for consultants.

     Welcome to Arth Technology, your premier destination for transforming Overseas Education services. Our CRM Software is more than just a tool; it's a complete package comprising web-based software, a website, and a mobile app. Recognized as the ideal partner for Study Abroad Agencies, our Overseas Education CRM software seamlessly guides students from counseling to enrollment and through the immigration process. As an education agent or counselor, unlock a plethora of services for potential students aspiring to enroll in courses at foreign colleges and universities. From counseling and consulting to immigration visa services, IELTS exam processes, documentation, visa procedures, account management, and lead funnel management for enhanced conversion rates—our integrated platform, known as Abroad Studies CRM | Overseas Education Consultants CRM Software, consolidates these varied services. Gone are the days of grappling with numerous systems and technologies for studying abroad. Our CRM system addresses your operational and business demands on a singular, powerful platform. It stands as the industry's only platform that unites students, agents, universities, and referrals, ensuring benefits for each participant. Experience a welcoming ecosystem tailored for international business through our CRM for international study.

Discover how our CRM system can enhance the efficiency of your overseas education consultancy. Whether you're starting fresh or migrating from another system, Arth Technology's Study Abroad CRM Software ensures a perfect start, propelling your success in placing students in their desired institutions.

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Why Overseas Education CRM?

Best Visa Consultancy Software in India
1. Efficiently manage leads with automated follow-up reminders.
Software For Visa Consultancy Company Firm Agency Business
2. Seamlessly integrate course selection with email/whatsapp.
consultancy Company Software
3.Streamline the application and admission process with CRM.
Crm For Overseas Education With Application
4. Calculate commissions and generate invoices to collage.

Are you facing issues while managing your Education Consulting Agency?

Leads are generated, but the team occasionally overlooks follow-ups.
Students are enrolled, but document uploads remain pending so process delayed.
Communication with students occurs via email, which they often neglect to read.
Students are often unaware of the process so they are always in confusion state.
Counselors may be occupied when students call, leading to miscommunication.
Data exposure occurs due to sharing rental CRMs in the market.

Overseas Education CRM Is The Perfect Answer To All The Issues

The options listed below are provided by Overseas Education CRM to help you expand your education agency.

Overwhelming Features Of CRM For Education Consultants.

  • Raw Data Conversion:
  • Our CRM software facilitates the seamless conversion of raw lead data into actionable leads. The system automatically assigns telecallers to follow up with potential students, ensuring prompt and personalized responses
  • Student Management and Follow-ups:
  • With our CRM, you can effortlessly manage students, track their progress, and schedule follow-up activities. This feature ensures that no student is left unattended and maximizes the chances of converting leads into successful admissions.
  • Student Admission Process:
  • The software streamlines the student admission process into four clear steps. Step 1 involves helping students select their desired courses based on their preferences and qualifications. Step 2 enables the smooth submission of applications to colleges or universities. Step 3 focuses on managing the admission process in collaboration with colleges and universities. Finally, Step 4 handles the visa process update to keep students informed about their application status.
  • Document Management
  • ur CRM system provides a centralized platform for storing and managing student documents, including application forms, academic records, passports, and visa-related documentation. This ensures easy access to all necessary documents throughout the admission process.
  • Course Finder
  • Students can utilize the integrated course finder tool to explore various educational programs offered by different institutions. The software provides detailed information about courses, including eligibility criteria, fees, and course durations..
  • Agent Management
  • Our CRM software allows you to effectively manage agents who assist in student recruitment and visa processing. You can track agent performance, allocate leads, and maintain transparent communication channels to ensure a successful partnership.
  • Counselor Management:
  • The CRM system enables efficient management of counselors by assigning them tasks, tracking their progress, and facilitating collaboration with other team members. This feature ensures that students receive professional guidance at every stage of the admission process.
  • Branch Management
  • If your organization operates multiple branches, our CRM software offers branch management capabilities. You can monitor the performance of each branch, streamline inter-branch communication, and analyze branch-specific data.
  • Coaching Management
  • For institutions offering coaching or preparation classes, our CRM software includes features to manage coaching schedules, track student progress, and provide necessary resources to enhance their learning experience.
  • Commission management
  • This Process involves a detailed commission calculation, including currency conversion, and invoices are sent to portals or colleges. The system allows easy monitoring of received or pending payments once an invoice is raised. The system records the date and payment method when payments are received, and the management of commissions to agents is also handled seamlessly within this framework.
  • Email and whatsapp intigration
  • Our portal has facility of live whatsapp and email intigration where on each stage student recive whatsapp message. In whole software many places this email and whatsapp are present whos templet are dynamic.

Any counseling company organization or education agent keeps track of candidates using the straightforward Admin Panel Software included in Overseas Education CRM Software. Receptionists can enter an unlimited number of candidate queries with multiple documents using our CRM designed specifically for overseas study agents. The algorithm might suggest overseas universities based on the applicant's top universities. The system's benefits include being simple to use and offering a range of courses based on the user's profile. The software could have a single or cloud-based Software, depending on your demands. Additionally to these terms, this is often referred to as an education CRM, a CRM for education consultants, a CRM for overseas education, a CRM for education agents, a CRM for education consultants, a CRM for overseas education, an education CRM, a CRM for overseas education, a CRM software for educational consultants, a CRM for schools consultancy, and many more. Contact us, and a member of our dedicated team will provide a live demo.

Process of Overseas Education CRM Software

Overseas Education Crm Software
1. Generate leads through QR codes:

Each campaign generates a unique QR code that students can scan, triggering an inquiry form to pop up. Once the student fills in the data, it automatically enters the software and is assigned to a telecaller, who contacts the student and conducts follow-ups.

Visa Crm Software
2. Assign students to counselors

Upon student registration with a unique student ID, they receive login details. Both the student and counselor can update all student documents, personal information, education details, IELTS scores, GRE/GMAT scores, and work experience details through the provided login.

CRM for Overseas Education
3. Course selection made easy

Counselors can choose from multiple courses available in the software's course finder. Considering the student's current education, language proficiency, and aptitude exam scores, the counselor can provide guidance on the exact course, including fee details

Overseas Education Visa Consultant CRM
4. College Application Management

Counselors can select multiple courses and initiate applications to different colleges. The system manages document management and the status of each application, along with scheduling follow-ups. Students can track this entire process through their login as well.

Overseas Crm Software
5. Admission Process with Fee Management

The application manager selects a specific course for the final admission process, which includes detailed fee calculations with currency conversion. The status of this admission process is tracked and communicated to the student via WhatsApp and email.

Education Crm Software
6. Visa Process and Commission Management

After admission confirmation, the software handles the visa process and document management. Once the student is successfully enrolled in the college and has paid the fees, the software efficiently manages the commission from the college or portat..

What You Will Get.

Take a Look at the Exciting Bundle Included in the Abroad study CRM Software

Education Consultants Software
Branch Manager - Admin Panel

Study Abroad Software for Agents And Counselors
Receptionist - Web-based Panel

Overseas Education Consultants Management Software
Agent/Consultant - Web-based Panel
CRM For Education Consultants
Counsellor - Web-based Panel

Overseas Education Software Android Application for Student
Student - Android App

Overseas Education Software with Student App
Student - iOS App (upon request)

Overseas Education Consultants CRM Software Modules

Study Abroad Admissions Software
Student Management

Students, their preferred courses along with colleges listing, benefits, and all details were stored in the system and the admin can easily manage it.

Education Agency Management System
Document Management

Students' documents status submission, pending lists, etc details are stored in the system so admin can take necessary follow-up from it.

Educational Consultancy Software
Country, Course, College Management

All data regarding country and college-wise courses, their pros and cons, rules and regulations, etc were seen in one place.

International Overseas Education Software
Application Management

Application sent to foreign colleges, their reply, documentation, interview scheduling, the, etc process was easily managed by our visa CRM software.

Visa Management Software In India
Real-Time Reports

Real-time reports on Students, documentation, and different colleges' application process, fees payment, pending status, employees' work, etc obtained easily on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Best Overseas Education Consultant in India
Fees Management

Fees management was done easily on the basis of paid and pending status in the system with notification.

Overseas Education Consultant Software With Lead Management
Integrated Lead Management

Goal of Integrated Lead Management is to ensure that potential customers are engaged with the right message, at the right time, through the right channel, and that their interactions with the company are tracked and analyzed to optimize the overall conversion process.

Overseas Education Consultant Software With Task Management
Task Scheduling And Management

Importing leads, tracking those leads, and developing auto-forwarding rules, you can also construct campaign pages, follow-ups, and reminders.

Overseas Education Consultant Software With Colleges Database Management
Foreign Colleges Database Management

Obtain default access to a database of universities that offer courses abroad in various nations. You can add colleges and information on the platform as well. College databases are easy to handle.

Overseas Education Consultant Software With Invoice Management
Invoice Management

You can send an invoice to a student, an organization, a referral, or a university using our quick invoice production system. Even the payouts and payments can be tracked.

Overseas Education Consultant Software With Payouts Management
Payouts Management

You have control over how you manage your own tie-ups and payouts within the system. Do not be concerned if you only have a few tie-ups; you can still access our tie-ups and collect rewards.

Overseas Education Consultant Software With Application Management And Tracking
Application Management and Tracking

Manage the mobile app for students, counsellor and more upon requests. Also track the application usage, its conversion rates, and more.

Overseas Education Consultant Software With Files Management And Tracking
Files Management

Manage student Files, agencies' Files, tie-up colleges Files, employees Files, and more within the software database.

Overseas Education Consultant Software With Files Management And Tracking
Generated Numerous Reports

Our study abroad CRM provides tons of reports for each module. Here you can analyze, track data and draw useful analytics which help you to take fruitful decisions ahead.

Overseas Education Consultant Software With Mis Generation
MIS Generation

Management information system is referred to as MIS. Reports produced by these systems are used by business managers at all levels of a company, from assistant managers to executives, to assess daily operations or problems that may occur, make choices, and monitor progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

A comprehensive study abroad CRM for overseas education consultants, study abroad consultants, education agents, and study abroad agents are called overseas education CRM. The management software created by Arth technology for international education consultants is regarded as the industry standard. It offers more than 10 elements on a single platform to help you run your business of studying abroad. The only platform in the industry with an integrated career assessment for career counseling is this one.

Schools and colleges need to enter and manage the data of so many students. It's not possible to do it by entering each data on its own. So to overcome this difficulty Education CRM is a software platform that helps you do this task smoothly. It has user-friendly features and tools.

customer relationships management software (CRM) was used by every industry to manage their customers' and employees' data. It was a huge need to track, modify and enter data easily. This is one of the most rigorous tasks in any institution of higher education managing data. However, with an Overseas Education CRM platform in place, it is quite easy to manage the complete customer (student) life cycle all from a single CRM platform with easily manage tools.

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