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"Complaints Registration, Allocation of complaint to its related employee, Status Updates with Attachment"

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Customer Satisfaction equals to Business Growth With
Complain Management Software

    In comparison to manual effort, our Complaints Management Software improves paperwork, boosts workflow, and includes an automated complaint process. We investigate all client complaints and address them. We have made an effort to reply to clients as quickly as we can, so making these scheduling arrangements was crucial. In order for the client to track the most recent trends, our program can record your concerns. We offer user-friendly services for new customers, as well as services that are reasonable and meet all of your needs. To quickly gather customer concerns, we employ a customisable complaint form template. Our support team is available around-the-clock. Any business's ability to grow is dependent on its customers or users.You must use an online form to request customer reviews in order to offer the best service possible. Consumer success helps businesses achieve their objectives quickly and without complaint. GRC policy is also offered by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms for the medical industries. We have entire solutions accessible, from billing to creating reports on complaints, to make some systems available round-the-clock to your clients utilising cloud-based tools. Our system's roles are created so that they may be changed and that downloading all the reports is simple.

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Customer call for Complaint is difficult to management
Complaint Status tracking is difficult
Charges tracking difficult
Item used during Complaint solutions is difficult to track

Benefits of Complaint Management With Android Application

Features of Complaint Management Software
with Android Application

  • Customer Management
  • Customer Registation
  • Customer Profile Change or Password Change
  • Customer Block
  • Customer can add new complain
  • Customer can view complain status
  • Complaint Management
  • Complaint Type Management
  • Product Management
  • Item Management
  • Complaint List
  • Allocated/Unallocated Complaint
  • Complaint Entry
  • Complaint Allocation
  • Service Invoice Generation
  • Standard Solutions
  • Service Engineer Management
  • Add Service Engineer
  • Updat Service Engineer Profile
  • Block Service Engineer
  • Complaint Allocation to Service Engineer
  • Allocation of Complaint to Service Engineer
  • View Status of Complaint
  • Create Invoice of Item Used
  • Send invoice to customer via email
  • Service Management (AMC/Warranty)
  • AMC Service Entry
  • View AMC Status
  • Update/Add AMC Details
  • Real Time Reports
  • Customer wise Complaint
  • Service Engineer wise Complaint
  • AMC Reports
  • AMC Alerts
  • Customer Feedback Report

This complaint management solution system has much quality, but specific features advice the business organizer to understand each customer's complaint. With the help-desk of his support field team/technician, he can analyze the problem in his product parts. Admin module: where Admin can have all details of customers and complaints management team. Complains management module of the android app where he can select a complaint allocated to him and upload each complaint's status data. field staff has to mention what solution was provided regarding clients' complaints. Although this method for managing complaints is quite high-quality, several elements advise the business manager to comprehend each customer's issue. He can assess the issue in his product parts using the help desk of his support field team or technician. The admin module is where the admin may access all customer and complaints management team information. He can choose a complaint assigned to him and upload the status information for each issue from the complaints management element of the Android app. Field personnel must describe the resolution offered to clients' complaints.

Process of Complaint Management Software with Android Application

Customer App for Add Complaint management System
1. Complaint From Customer

Generation of unique Complaint id.

Allocation Complain To Service Engineer
2. Allocation to Employee

Android application for our employee.

Online Complaint Management App 
										With Admin Panel
3. Update of Status of Complaint

Payment collection, inventory used with photo upload.

Online Complaint Management System
4. Customer Happy with Your Service

Customer gets email and SMS for Complaint status.

What You Will Get.

Society Complain Management Software
Admin Panel for Admin

Best Complain Management System
Customer Android Application

Complaint Management System Android App
Customer iOS Application (upon request)

Important Modules Of Complaint Management Software
with Android Application

Customers Management in  Complain Management System
Customer Management

Customers inquiries, their questions was easily managed through the admin system

Complaint Management Software Development Company
Complaint Management

Complaint management was done by allocating complaints to the service engineer through easy one click in the system.

Service Engineer App In Complaint Management Software
Service Engineer Management

Service engineers, their details, their allocation work, complete and pending work, work transfer to the other service engineer, etc was done by the system.

Complaint Allocation To Service Engineer
Complaint Allocation to Service Engineer

Complaint allocation to the service engineer through the admin system by simple easy steps.

Complaints Management System
Service Management (AMC/Warranty)

AMC/ Warrenty details of the customer is seen in the admin panel along with notification with the due date.

Real Time Report in Admin Panel
Real Time Reports

Real time reports on customers orders, their delivery status, monthly sales, custom orders, etc was obtained from one application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Field service management software is software designed for a company to manage its customer service issues. It took care of all parts of the company like compliant registration, allocating it to admin and field service engineer/ technician, follow-ups, its complete or pending information, scheduling time for issue management, etc.

It was software designed to solve the client's problem regarding products and services they buy from whichever company. The company used this app to manage the clients facing issues regarding services and maintenance.

Is a set of technical tools in ERP software to look after the service management in ERP in the company.

FSM is field service management software.

Field management software stores complaints regarding service, products registered by clients. The software shows every detail of issues and their pending and completed list with solutions.

It is a mobile application that shows customers' complaints to the field service engineer. According to it service engineer then takes follow-ups and updates the status regarding the same.

Three parts are

1) features of Salesforce service.

2) their optimization and scheduling time.

3) mobile app for service users.

It was used by businesses manager and technicians to schedule their jobs, repair, dispatch of placed orders, contact and arrange service repair time of the registered clients' complaints and etc.

A field service engineer is a person who reads complaints and gives solutions to them.

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