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    Becoming a partner with Arth Technology will help you to grow your business along with generate revenue from unused leads, Many businessmen are providing the best service in the market and get inquiries about the product they are not selling or not providing service. You can easily forward this inquiry and get extra earning on every inquiry. All software will be provided by us and its maintenance and service responsibility will be taken care of by us. After-sales support is also our duty. The annual Maintenance Contract amount will be shared with a partner.

    When you are thinking of partnerships with software companies and want to become partners by sharing leads or referrals with Arth Technology then you will get many benefits from these partnerships. As you know every customer is important for business growth. Another most important point every customer brings a new project to your organization and your sales team will be happy. As a partnership program, you need to provide us a referral of your customers or company need when you are not going to work with that sales lead, so our software company sales team will review the details and check that our company can provide the best solutions and support to your customers or not if we can then we will get back to you with all the details and after your confirmation, we will contact the vendor for more product details for making new customized software. We have enough dedicated development resources and we are working with many outsourcing companies for their customized software products or solutions needs. We have worked with many kinds of industries to provide the best solution and our target is for a long-term relationship. We are working with the best pricing as per the industry market and integrations requirements. We are working with many technologies to provide support for various technology platforms and get better opportunities. So Let's join hands for partnerships and have successful relationships for a longer period. Your sales expertise and our technical expertise can make ideas into implementation using Website, Mobile App, or Customized solutions.

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A win-win situation for You and Us.
Simple Agreement.
No Minimum Target.
Flexible Working when you wish.
Possibilities to get more business for you.
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Types of Partnership

Based (Invisible): In this type of partnership you can just forward lead to our organization, Our Sales Team will approach customers and your name will not be mentioned in it. If an order is converted you will get the amount as per the agreed-upon payment received.

Lead Based (Visible): In this type of partnership, We will communicate with customers and make all communication transparent. You will get the amount upon payment received.

Sub Contract: You need to finalize the contract with your clients, We will provide all technical supports as per the detail mentioned in the document. Here We will report everything to you and your team should communicate with the client end.

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