Business Directory Website and Application

Business Directory Website And Application

"Search Business by Category, City, Name & Item or Service."

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How a Business Directory Application Works ?

    Arth Provide location based Service/ Business┬ádirectory app, a B2B (business to business) directory app, a B2C (business to consumer) app, or a professional directory like Freelancers or Upwork. A business directory-like application is a smart move for entrepreneurs and others looking to conduct business. So lets make your dream come true, lets build directory app.

     Business Directory Applications primary function is to give various business owners a platform all in one location. Here, you may find all business owners offering anything from sarees to furniture, kitchenwares to shoes on one application. Additionally, it's a rather easy process; all business owners need to do is create an account on the Business Directory programme. Include information about their company, the products they are providing, and offers and enticing discounts. They are also able to display the goods and pricing of their business partners.

     First is the conversation/ chat board where you may interact/ chat with users, other business owners, etc. via the Business Directory APP. Additionally, the application has a Lead Module where you may view details about leads generated and incoming queries. The application also has search modules where you can look for additional vendors. The application features a menu where you can handle all the data, including business profile management, my vendors I've bookmarked, my buying and selling history, orders received and placed, notifications, sharing choices, references, and setting options.

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Features of Business Directory And Application

  • Admin panel functionality
  • Business listing management(Approve/ Reject)
  • Category management
  • City management
  • Approve product
  • Birthday reminder
  • Product list
  • Report to admin
  • Business setting
  • E-mail setting
  • Business directory app functionality
  • Business profile
  • Business category selection
  • Products management
  • QR Code management
  • Live chat
  • Search by category
  • Search by city
  • View profile
  • Share profile
  • Modules
  • My Profile management
  • Search Business
  • Live Chat

What You Will Get.

Business Directory Software
Android App

Business Directory Application
iOS Application (upon request)

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Business Directory Website and Application

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