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Why You Need This Project Management System?

    In the construction industry, if you don't carry out your plan well, items will literally fall through the cracks! Using Arth Initiatives, a complete project management solution, Track your projects develop into huge results.

    The mobile and web-based Arth construction project management software links teams in the construction field and in the office. Our construction project management software provides everyone on the jobsite with the resources they need to carry out daily tasks while keeping an eye on the overall project schedule.

Look How Arth project management system helps You.

Features of Construction Management Software

  • Masters
  • State
  • City
  • Plan Management (For Subscription Charges for Contractor Company)
  • Contractor Company Management
  • Employee Limit Setup
  • Create New Contractor Company
  • Create New Users for the Contractor
  • Activate Subscriptions
  • Collect Payment
  • Subscription Management
  • Add Subscription
  • Take Payment
  • Activate/Deactivate Contractor Company/Users
  • Contractor Company Admin Panel Functionality
  • Profile Management
  • Work Type Management (Sill level chanatarkam, Lintel level Chantar, Andarnu Finish Plasterkam, Baharnu Rough Plasterkam, Baharnu Tippani Plasterkam, Baharni Elevation nu Chanatarkam, Chhat marvama, Thaiya Andarna, Thaiya Baharna,Reti bharwama, Dipartkhate, Ito Chadavvama, Block chadavvama, Nondh Marvama)
  • Employee Documents Management (Driving License Number, U A Number ( E Shram Card ), Adhar Card, Election Card)
  • Relation Type Management (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Wife, Son, Self, Daughter In Law, Daughter)
  • Task Type Management (wall painting, bathroom plumbing)
  • Supervisor Expense Type Management (Tea and snacks, Auto fare, Loading Fare, Material, Other Expense, Loan, Credit Card, Other Person, Ghar kharch Pethe, Diesel And Petrol, Uchak Rokdi Karigar, Uchak Rokdi Majur, Mobile Recharge, Gate Pass)
  • Project Management
  • Project Master
  • Building Master
  • Floor Master
  • Unit Master
  • Supervisor Management
  • Supervisor Add
  • Supervisor Fund Management
  • Supervisor Fund Management
  • Give Fund to Supervisor
  • Supervisor Fund Given History
  • Project Allocation to Supervisor
  • Employee Management
  • Family Head Management
  • Salary Management
  • Employee Salary Entry
  • Employee Overtime Entry
  • Month wise Salary
  • Supervisor Salary Management
  • Supervisor Salary Entry
  • Expense Entry
  • Reports
  • Attendance Reports
  • Attendance by Employee Reports
  • Salary Reports
  • Extra Expense Reports
  • Total Expense Report
  • Task Report
  • Supervisor Report
  • Attendance Entry
  • Attendance Report
  • Task List
  • Employee wise Task
  • Employee wise Salary
  • Family Head-wise Salary
  • Project wise Salary
  • Project wise Expense
  • Contractor Android App Functionality
  • Employee Attendance Report
  • Supervisor List
  • Supervisor Add
  • Add Fund
  • Total Expense
  • Expense Details Filter by Date
  • Project wise Expense
  • Employee Salary Report
  • Employee Task
  • Supervisor Fund List
  • Supervisor Fund
  • Profile Management

What is Construction Management Software?

    In a nutshell, construction management software is networked project technology designed exclusively for the builders & contractor's real estate business sector. It's a tool (or a collection of tools) that goes beyond project management capabilities and enables construction firms to complete tasks like managing budgets, ensuring quality and safety programmes, setting schedules and timelines, communicating and coordinating with stakeholders across the office and the field, and so much more.

Software for managing construction projects attempts to automate and simplify processes, connect workflows and data throughout the projects lifecycle, and increase team productivity.

What Types of Construction Management Software Exist?

Construction data analytics software

Real-time insights on construction projects are provided by construction data analytics systems. With the help of jobsite data, these technologies enable managers to save time and keep current on ongoing projects.

Construction drawing management software

Users can upload, update, and annotate construction drawing plans using tools for managing drawings for construction, often known as building information modelling (BIM) for construction. These technologies make it easier for contractors, builders, and site owners to work together when planning and building.

Construction ERP software

The centralized information systems for various points of construction projects are provided by construction ERP solutions. These technologies include capabilities that are both job site-specific and back-office, such as billing, accounting, and document management.

Construction estimating software

Construction experts can manage the proposal and estimate building process with the use of construction estimating solutions, also referred to as job costing solutions. These instruments can be either specialty-specific (HVAC, electrical, etc.) or specialty-neutral.

Cloud-based applications: Online or cloud-based construction management software makes it simple to view project data on the go, after hours, or anywhere else the user has access to a web browser and an active internet connection. Project managers and contractors are empowered by cloud-based construction management software because it gives them access to data from anywhere at any time. Cloud-based solutions often operate on a subscription basis; typically, the solution's seller updates the software and handles routine maintenance. Cloud-based construction management software is frequently used by smaller construction companies/ business with limited resources.

Benefits of Arth Project Management System

Construction Management Software For Builders
Synchronous Communication

The productivity of work is greatly increased by real-time communication that is based on facts and insights from field work and projects.

Construction Management Software For Builders And Contractors
On-field Output

Get daily field outputs, information about on-site project work, completed tasks, ongoing work, field person details, results from parallel active projects, etc.

Construction Management System
Location-based Work

Software have location filter which helps you to management projects on multiple locations. You just need to make list of work and plan, execute and test the work.

Construction Management Software With Mobile Application
Reduce Risk:

There are numerous dangers and potential OSHA violations on construction sites. Software that measures and evaluates risk, enforces safety rules, and verifies that work sites comply with regulations helps safeguard construction crews.

Construction Management System
Enhance estimating and bidding:

Though bid management software is sometimes marketed as a standalone product, construction management software that includes estimating, budgeting, and forecasting features in addition to bid proposal and bid management features significantly increases productivity.

Construction Project Management Software

Using cloud technology and construction management software, operating expenses can be decreased while profitability is increased. Project managers greatly benefit from the various construction management solutions that borrow ideas from general project management software when managing purchase orders and following up with contractors, suppliers, engineers, and other important parties.

What You Will Get.

Construction Management Software With App For Builders And Contractor
Admin Panel for Admin

Best Construction Management Software With Android Application
Android App

Construction Management Application
iOS Application (upon request)

Important Modules Of Construction Management Software-

Construction Management Software in Vadodara
Contractor Company Management

Best Construction Management System
Subscription Management

Construction Management Application
Contractor Company Admin Panel Functionality

Project With Construction Management Software
Project Management

Builders And Contractors Software
Supervisor Management

Best Construction Management Software
Employee Management

Construction Management Software
Salary Management

Construction Management Software Free Demo

Project Construction Management Software
Contractor Android App Functionality

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