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Weightbridge software for your heavy loaded transportation.

    A weighing and computing system with significant data extraction, gathering, and processing capabilities is known as Weighbridge Management Software. This Weighbridge software solution is made to make it simple and adaptable for you to handle and monitor the vital data generated throughout the process of weighing and labelling products. We are a group of Custom WeighBridge Software Developers who are skilled at integrating with third-party, CRM, and ERP programmes. In order to obtain accurate traffic reports in the future, our app and system present load displays of weighments along with their products and truck driver contact information. We can create a tailored system for you if you're seeking for an unmanned automated system with a single app user or multiple apps. Our weighbridges Software is plateform independence it is work on any plateform like Windows, Mac, and Linux etc operating System. weighbridge Software is ready to used software you can purchase this software and used it on any plateform.this software provide a daily,monthly and yearly basis report which help to control your Business.

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Benefits of Weighbridge Software

Features of Weighbridge Software

  • Window Based Software. (Support to XP / Win7 / Win8 / Win10)
  • Easy to Use & User Friendly Graphics.
  • Short Cut Key Provide for Do Operation Easy. (For Ex. F1, Ctrl+F, Altr+F)
  • Working with Any Brand / Make Indicator. (Require only RS232 Communication String)
  • Easy Installation Process.
  • Weighbridge Anti-Theft Facility. (Special Password)
  • Generate GST Invoice from Weighbridge Software.
  • Auto SMS Sending Facility. (Daily Ticket Data)
  • Auto Mail Sending Facility. (Daily Ticket Data)
  • Auto SMS on every Weighment.
  • Auto Mail on every Weighment.
  • Send SMS on Customer Mobile. (If require)
  • Supporting to Multi User, Multi Location.
  • Individual Reports Access Rights.
  • User can modify Own Password Only.
  • Facility to Connect/Disconnect With Indicator.
  • Allow Multi COM-Port Entry. (Define Different Indicator)
  • Data Base Auto Backup Facility.
  • Use Application in LAN. (Same time work in Multi Weighbridge)
  • Same time working in Different Brand Indicator. (In-Network)
  • Application support to Multi Database. (SQL SERVER 2008 Express)
  • Manual Weight Entry is Possible. (If Required)
  • Manual Tare Entry is Possible with Special Password provide by Admin.
  • Provide ERP, Oracle Connectivity based on client requirement.
  • Daily Data Export in Excel, CSV, Text File. (Date wise, Ticket No wise)
  • Provide Direct Net Weight Feature. (Slip Entry - Single Entry system)
  • Supporting to Slip Re-Printing, Editing, Deleting With User Access.
  • Provide Feature for Slip Entry Date (Visible / Hide / Date Modifying)
  • Indication for Existing vehicle tare weigh compare with new weight
  • Provide Drop-down Feature for Customer Master, Truck Master, Supplier and Item Master.
  • Facility for select automatically vehicle tare weight.
  • View live vehicle position with CCTV & capture photo, also print ticket with vehicle photo.
  • Weighbridge CCTV software already included.
  • Set Multi COM Setting in Single System.
  • Customize and Develop As per Client Requirement and Connect with ERP/ Oracle

Our solution is simple to integrate with an electronic terminal to obtain information about the scales using several APIs and user actions. If you work in the equipment industry, you must establish unmanned systems for automated operation so that you can contact users on an app with just one click and manage numerous global settings from centralised systems. We offer both pre-built systems and systems that are specially made. India, Kenya, Malaysia, the UK, Ireland, the USA, and many other nations are among the nations where we have clients. Call us if you'd want to see an overview of the user app; if you'd like to see a full demo, call/email us and set up a time to see it. For price detail contact now.

Our software development team's precise weighing solutions can be used to measure trucks with various loading capacities and varied products. With the help of our software solution, various Weighbridge with various weighing scale capabilities can be managed. All different types of trucks, including dumper trucks, contract transport trucks, log carrier trucks, etc., are weighed using our software solution. All information captured on the weighing scale is put into system solutions with precise data. Our programme provides simple integration with weighing scales. The software features a vehicle master, simple weight entering, camera image capture, email and SMS sending capabilities. A shortcut key can be used to access any function. Net weight or tare gross weight may be included in the report. Creating reports only only one click. We offer a user-friendly weighbridge software solution that is supported by SQL Server and Windows-based databases. With weighing software, operating a weighbridge is simple. Our weighing software is fully Automation Software that help to save your time and Money

We offer weighing scale software demonstrations around-the-clock.

What You Will Get.

Weighbridge Software With Admin Panel
Admin - Admin Panel
Weighbridge Software With Android App
Admin - Android Application

Vehicle Scale Software Management
Admin - iOS Application (upon Request)

Important Modules Of Weighbridge Software

Weighbridge Software Manual
Multiple Location Management

One software setup and multiple notification integration was possible.

Best Weighbridge Software
Hardware Setup

Along with software hardware setup was also done by us.

Weighbridge Software Demo
CCTV Setup

CCTV Surveillance setup, integration with system, etc was done by us.

Weighbridge Software With Low Cost
Notification / Alerts

SMS/ notification was provided by the system so you do not skip any valuable information regarding business.

Multi User Weighbridge Software
End to end Data Security

Our system was 100% secure, ensuring end to end security of the data.

Best Weighbridge Management Software
Real time reports

Using the system we easily generate real time reports on weight of goods, etc necessary details on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

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